About him

International DJ, since 2012 he has traveled 4 continents: Asia North America Europe Africa Innovative DJ, he always manages to surprise his audience by mixing unexpected and original styles that will make you travel. Several prestigious residences to his credit, such as LA VOILE BLEUE (Montpellier), LE R2 (Marseille) LE Sportbeach (Marseille), True Color (Canton / China), or dj Guest in amazing places like Zénith de Dijon, Hardrock Café Marseille, Matignon Paris or ORANGE VÉLODROME DE MARSEILLE For 60 months, he releases his Podcasts, named DEEP IN TOUCH, every month, which has attracted more than 40 countries in the world.

“Music and life are about style”

"The most important thing is that people can celebrate and forget about their everyday life for one evening. The DJ is an emotional distributor."


LE MISTRAL ( Aix-en-Provence France) 18 Months

TRUE COLOR CLUB ( Canton – Chine) 6 months

LE KLUB ( Hossegor – France) 2 summer seasons 10 months

MILLENIUM ( Marseille – France ) october 2014 to June 2015

LA VOILE BLEUE (La grande-motte – France) summer 2015 /2016

ACE CLUB (La grande-motte – France) summer 2016

R2 MARSEILLE (Marseille – France) Januar 2017 – April 2017

MURANO (Aix-en-Provence – France) february 2016 at April 2018

GROUP PARTOUCH ( France) From 2017 to Today

SPORT BEACH ( France ) From 2016 to Sept 2019



BOBBY’S( New-York) 


CLUB MED Yucatan ( Cancun ) 


CATWALK ( Canton)






Zénith de dijon 2012

La Soirée Blanche – La Voile bleue 2015

RUN & MIX Marseille 2016

First part of WATERMAT – Hardrock café Marseille 2016

DJ officiel H&M Marseille ( 2016 / 2017)

Club Med Les arcs extremes ( Mars 2017)

Anniversary of Princess Alexandra De Hanovre in collaboration with The company Marcadé ( 1 July 2017)

Private party on the new building “la marseillaise“ (Jan 2018)

Summer Stadium Festival ( 30 juin 2018)

NYE 2019 in KKÔ BEACH ( Sint Maarten/Caraïbes )

Inauguration of the last floor of the new world trade center of Marseille ( Feb 2019)

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